Master Suite


We were immediately taken with Melissa, she is poised, elegant and breathtaking! She has a soft captivating presence and we knew there was something unique about her that had to be celebrated. Once we learned that she was a former dancer, it was an “ah-ha!” moment for us.



At the end of our first brief meeting, we still felt like we needed to know more. That’s when we noticed a particular design book on her coffee table and got into long a conversation on style, luxury, and inspiration. We just had to create an extra special environment for Melissa, one where each piece, every texture and every color would speak to her elegance.



This project was a true collaboration. We involved Melissa, on every step of the way. She has such a great aesthetic and we wanted to honor her natural interest in design. Together we created a room that she would invite her husband into, and a room so special that he would do anything to be invited in.



We were completely inspired by Melissa’s dancer background. We choose refined details; an understated shimmer in the metallic wallpaper and ivory silk drapes with a pink ribbon detail. We recovered vintage 70s chairs in lush velvet, which accentuates the pleated detail and gives the feeling of ballet slippers.



One of our favorite pieces is a set of photos done by an Montreal artist that frame the bed. They are black and white, art deco-esque images of a dancer in movement. They are evocative, sophisticated and slightly mysterious just like our magnificent client!