Vacation Home

Island of St. John’s


Shortly before his 50th birthday, this entrepreneur asked M&H to help him surprise his family by turning their vacation home on the island of St. John’s into a stunning winter escape. The challenge? Creating a vacation home intimate enough for a family retreat that would double as a rental property.



Having worked with the family before,M&H knew that he was a big-thinker with bold ideas and we wanted to celebrate his vision. We needed a design with a clean American feel that would attract European clientele and celebrate the unique location—a secluded villa on the edge of lush Caribbean jungle.



One defining feature of the home is the entrance table. It’s a place that kind of centers the house. A place to meet when you first arrive and to toast to a fabulous vacation. Or a place to gather before leaving for an evening on the town; gentlemen can light up cigars while they wait for the ladies.



M&H shipped in a set of stunning turquoise pendant lights that hang 10 feet from the kitchen ceiling, and we knew in our hearts they would be a key design element on the project. The seaglass blue pays homage to the color of the outdoors; their handmade quality represents the uniqueness of the project; and the bold scale reflects the outgoing personality of our client.



Each corner of the house has an opportunity for an intimate moment: an oversized ocean blue chaise is perfect for a mid-day siesta; a sophisticated games table in the corner of the main room is ideal for an evening card game and a fine whiskey.M&H wanted to surprise his family with a place that felt like home.