The Homes of M&H

Imagine being both client and designer! For their homes, not only did M&H create custom spaces for friends and family to enjoy, they brought their yin and yang relationship to a new level. With each other as clients they could push and pull until the perfect balance was created. Speaking the same design language, sharing the same inspiration, using the same vendors, and living a block apart (they even finish eachothers sentences) how could it be possible to create two distinct looks?


styles converge

There is something charming about a 1930s colonial house. M&H didn’t want to fight against the ease of delineated spaces, yet they needed to create flow and elevate the design to support contemporary function – a space to work fulltime and ‘mom’ full-time.


styles diverge

While M&H’s homes both tell stories of family life and daily life, each tell the tale through a slightly different lens. H’s style is bright, light and sculptural, accentuated with just the right amount of pretty. Each room celebrates family through photography, delicate travel artifacts, and custom details that make a subtle, but strong statement.


M’s style is bold, transitional Americana, and tells a vibrant story focused on lineage and history. Each room is peppered with pieces that highlight the past and feel current and cozy. Layers of textures and color work cohesively to tell the rich and layered history of her heritage.



M&H redefined their kitchens by turning them into the centerpieces of their homes, elevated from traditional utilitarian hideaways to where the action is. They both cook dinner for 5 to 7 people almost every night of the week (lunch and breakfast too!) so family life is built around food: preparing meals, engaging in conversation, and sitting down for a meal. In fact, each family sits down for a meal nearly every night: “It’s our salon, it’s where we teach our kids to be thinkers.”


H kitchen


H’s kitchen is the epitome of her style, bright and sculptural with elegant details and a monochromatic palette. Raised ceilings with massive windows bring the outside in, offset chevron tiles, and color-blocked custom cabinets accentuate the graphic quality of the space. A photograph of a dreamy landscape pulls together the ethereal greys and set the mood for the room.

M kitchen


In M’s kitchen, custom architectural details celebrate history but with a modern touch, Both kitchens use a stunning Luce Di Luna Quartzite shipped all the way from India. While H’s is clean and minimal, M’s two-tiered counter top detailing is hand-carved to create a more traditional feel.



M’s Sitting Area

M’s kitchen opens onto an eating area and a “keeping room,” which acts as the perfect nook to share a cup of coffee in the morning, or a glass of wine to recount the day’s events. The uniqueness of the space adds to M&H’s redefining of the kitchen into a room designed to spend time in.


H’s Mudroom and Powder Room

Adding space for H‘s active kids to hang out in, while she makes dinner was central to the kitchen redesign. M&H increased the flow of the space by reconfiguring the floor plan and adding a mudroom—a place to move about or gather, and a place to store busy items essential to everyday life.


In the powder room adjacent to H’s kitchen, M&H added all the pretty they could into one tiny room. Elegant herringbone tile oor, a divine pendant lamp accented with crystals, and a wall of mirrors framed in a band of gold trim offer a moment of escape. A tiny space. But the most luxurious space.



In homes where square footage is a finite resource offices need to double as guest rooms. Custom built-in’s and quality sofa beds were must-haves. In M’s office, textured wallpaper and dark wood French doors celebrate the old world and create a cozy space – cozy enough to spend the night.


H’s office serves the same function, but with a completely different feel. A vintage desk from Miami acts as a centerpiece to the room and offers H a comfortably large working space. Blues and greys give her office a moody feel while not taking away from pretty elements that inspire her.




H Outdoor

What was once her least favorite spot on the property is now H’s fave. H’s inviting outdoor lounge area surrounds a cozy fire pit and is nestled under a wall of cedar, adding privacy and ambiance to a summer evening. It may be the smallest yard in the neighborhood, but it’s the most luxurious!


M Living room

Like the chicness of M’s kitchen, the living room is formal but welcoming. Designed for one person and a book, or twentyfive people and a super bowl party. Movable ottomans and swivel chairs offer ample seating room, while a custom banquette and portable bar cart add to the flexibility.


M Dining room

M’s found inspiration for the dining room from a delicate Chinese plate passed down from her great-great-grandfather, who was an Ambassador. Dark walls, oversized hand painted Chinese wall panels, a Brutalist glass mirror and a stunning black china cabinet from Baker furniture give the room an element of intrigue.